Sunday, February 27, 2011


My oldest, my firstborn, my sweet Ty turned eight today.

Eight years ago today, Brad and I looked like babies, and there we were having a baby. Tyler came into our world at 2:02 pm on February 27, 2003, weighing in at 9 lbs -- and we thought she was just perfect. We acted like we knew what we were doing, but we had no clue. And here we are, eight years later, still learning as we go.

Lucky for us we got a very easy-going, sweet baby who has turned into an easy-going, sweet child. I could not ask for a better daughter (although I lucked out with her sister, too)! Happy Birthday to my sweet T-Bird!

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hobosfromubobo said...

Hi from Australia. Hope you all had a beautiful birthday day. You might be still learning but I don't think that ever stops...she'll be your beautiful first born child forever.

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