Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Menu Monday is going to have to come on Tuesday again this week, but here are a few things I have been up to today:

- I made some pretty darn good chocolate-covered strawberries on a whim when I saw some pretty red strawberries in the grocery earlier today. I have some pictures and a how-to (because I am now obviously a professional) to share at some point.

- We celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday tonight, so we didn't get the kids home and in bed until pretty late. That does not make for a good thing when you combine it with birthday cake and all of the other sugar that they had today due to the fact that it is Valentine's Day.

- I got some of this to try after hearing about it from Margaret and reading about it on Glamorous Newlywed:

It is Salon Grafix Dry Shampoo, and I am hoping that if I don't actually wash my hair every night, that maybe that will help it not fall out...I am a bit skeptical, though, because I am a strict, wash every day kind of girl.

- My cousin got into Clemson!

Okay, I'll be back tomorrow with my menu for the week!


LSU Melanie said...

Soo How was the dry shampoo??? I am a wash ur hair every night kinda gal as well, this sounds wonderful!!

Nicole said...

Please let us know how the dry shampoo works - I've been wanting to try some SO badly!

And a big YAY for Clemson! :) Love that place!

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