Thursday, February 10, 2011

Techno Geeks

Last night when I got home, I obviously didn't blog. I didn't read or watch tv. I didn't clean the house. Heck, I hardly paid attention to the kids.

I let go of all responsibility, and Brad got to be Mr. Mom for the night. Why?

Because my new toy arrived via FedEx yesterday!

I have been waiting ever so patiently since February 3rd when the iPhone went on sale with Verizon for mine to get here, and it finally did. Now, I can join the ranks of the other Techno Geek in my family, my hubby.

I got Brad an iPad for Christmas, and I really thought I was getting it for me. You know, one of those gifts that you really want, but you get it for your spouse because you don't know what to get him? Well, he proved me wrong when he asked for an iPad a week or so before Christmas. And he has been attached to the thing ever since he opened it on Christmas morning -- or, should I say, ever since I got it all set up for him.

And it isn't just Brad. The kids are constantly fighting over the iPad -- who gets to play a game or listen to music or watch a movie. I rarely get to mess with it. So, I am hoarding my iPhone. I now have my own apps and games and music, and I'm going to keep mine out of the kids' hands as long as possible.

I wonder how long that will last...?

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