Sunday, February 20, 2011

Noodle Wars

Friday was a beautiful day, and my kids were out of school for Winter Break (but it felt more like Spring Break -- it was 79!), so we stopped by to play with our besties, Grayson, Emma Claire, and Whitt. What ensued was a noodle war in their backyard, so Margaret and I popped some Bud Limes at 2 pm (don't judge -- it was vacation) and took pictures. It was a great day!

Everybody stop for a photo op!

But just for a second...

Pretty girls always love to take time out to pose:

...even if it's just to make a silly face!

Don't get in Tyler's way...
The great news is after beating each other in the yard all afternoon the kids were worn out. Now we just can't wait to do it again -- hurry up spring!!!

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Ashley and Greg said...

Hi Christie! It's Ashley...Ashley Brown (now Woodfill)! Wow- it has been years! I found your blog a while ago and would love to catch up! I'm not on Facebook, so please, if you'd like to, email me at! Hope to hear from you soon!

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