Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Twins Turn Two!

First, I am really doing great on this whole picture thing on the old blog this week, don't you think?!?!?!

Second, my niece and nephew, Harper and Taylor, turned two last week, and we celebrated with a little party on Saturday. Hunter lucked out with some beautiful weather for the twins' party. She put out all of our kids' Power Wheels (we have about a used car lot full), some balls, bubbles, and two of our tractors for the kids to climb on. Everyone had a ball!

Tyler got an early birthday present from her Godmother during the party...

The Birthday Boy really enjoyed his cupcake (which the kids got into before we sang Happy Birthday) and his sunglasses -- he wore them the entire party:

The pretty Birthday Girl. She always looks at me like she has never seen me before in her life:

Whitt really wants his very own John Deere Power Wheels, okay, Mags?

Because my sister lacks in the girliness department, I always try to get Harper something very girly for each holiday. This birthday it was a tutu and some bows:

After everyone left, Sanders used the opportunity to get in some tickle time with Granddaddy -- or really, she got him to tickle her. I always hated to be held down and tickled (which is my dad's specialty), but she begs for it:

And then he did another one of his tricks -- he stuck his dirty sock in Sanders' face. I'm just glad it's my kids getting it now and not me -- although he will hold me down and torture me every once in a while. It's all fun and games around here:

I can't believe that the twins are two already, and this weekend we will be celebrating Tyler's eighth birthday -- where has the time gone?

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LP17 said...

I heard you got a few cute pictures of miss Lily...will you send them to me? I hate that I missed it!

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