Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Before The Farmer and I had Bubba, I thought that all was right in our world of two little girls. When I found out that I was pregnant with baby #3, I knew I would be happy with a girl or a boy, but I just thought about how much easier it would be to have a little girl. We already had a pink version of every baby thing imaginable. We already had tons of bows and frilly diaper covers. We already had more smocked dresses than one little girl could wear. We were totally set. And what's more, I knew how to handle girls -- I could do the tea parties and the baby dolls and the makeup. I had no clue about cars or trains or Spiderman.

And I really hated when people would say "Oh yeah, trying for that boy, huh?" All I could think was No, we're perfectly happy with girls!

I had a lot to learn.

When we found out the Bubba was, in fact, a boy, both The Farmer and I were very excited; we just had no idea what exactly was in store for us.

Bubba is a sweet, loving messy-haired little boy. Bubba is a growling, fit-pitching little tyrant. But then, all two-year-olds have their own little Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities, right? Right?!?!

Bubba is all boy; isn't it funny how children are just born that way? He loves trains, trucks, tractors, and any other moving machinery. He loves to play with balls. He loves to chase his sisters around, and, yes, growl at them. He walks around all day with his thumb in his mouth and his other hand down his pants (which we are trying very hard to stop); all the teachers at his preschool call him Al Bundy. He always has bed-head, and I think it is so cute, so I leave it like that.

Bubba is a definite Mama's boy. It is really flattering most of the time -- I love any chance I get to cuddle with the little punk. Sometimes, however, it is not so nice -- I would really like to not have to be the only one who can help him go to the bathroom or put on his clothes or whatever. But I try to remember that he won't always need me so much as he does now, and there will be days when Daddy is much cooler than I am; I try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Bubba attends the preschool at our church along with Sassy -- Miss Priss went there when she was younger. I love to watch as the seeds of faith are planted in his little heart as he learns about Jesus in school, at church, and at home with The Farmer and me. I hope he will grow into a love for the Lord like his sisters.

That boy has definitely opened my eyes to the joys of having a little boy. I am so glad that I got to find out what I was missing (although I still think my little girls are pretty sweet)! He is -- hands down -- one of my three favorite chillens!

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