Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Farmer

The Farmer is my wonderful husband of eight years.
He and I met at a sorority/fraternity mixer at Clemson when he was a Junior and I was a Sophomore. Our relationship got off to an interesting start, to say the least. The Farmer wasn't sure of my name because one of his fraternity brothers (who grew up in the same church as me) kept telling him it was something different. I, on the other hand, agreed to go with him to a baseball game the day after the mixer, but I was worried that I wouldn't know which boy he was when he came to pick me up at my dorm (can you tell there might have been alcohol involved at the mixer?). To make matters worse, part of the reason that I agreed to go to the baseball game with The Farmer was because I had a huge crush on a Clemson baseball player -- so really I was going to watch him!
However, it soon became apparent that we were crazy about each other, and I knew pretty quickly that we would one day get married.
We got married right after I graduated from college, and we moved to The Farmer's hometown. We lived there for almost two years, and I was totally miserable. I didn't have many friends. I didn't get invited to do things. I felt so lonely. We had Miss Priss during this time. I think if we had had a lot to do socially we probably wouldn't have had her so quickly, but I wouldn't trade her for the world (obviously).
After realizing that I wasn't getting over being miserable, The Farmer agreed to move to my hometown. We have been here ever since, and he has commuted an hour and fifteen minutes twice a day.
Boy, does he love me, right?
I tell you that background story to let you know how wonderful The Farmer is. He is a great husband and a great father. He does everything he can to make our lives the best that they can be, even if his life might get a little harder because of it.
The Farmer loves God. I credit him with making me see that church wasn't something you just did on Sundays if you felt like it; church was something you do every Sunday because it is your chance to worship the Creator of the world who also takes the time to love little ol' me. It's funny because I don't think that was what The Farmer set out to do; he just lead by example.
He also loves farming. He is like my dad in that way -- farming is his life, and he could do nothing else. He has no hobbies (which makes Christmas and birthday gift-giving terrible for me), and he likes it that way. He lives for his family and his farm.
The Farmer can also be very funny (which comes as a surprise to some people). And it doesn't hurt that he is a hottie, either! ;-)
I am so thankful for the day I met The Farmer -- interesting stories or not -- because I really got a good one!

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