Monday, January 25, 2010

Weight Watchers, Week 2

Or, Hallelujah, It's Working!!!

Weight Loss This Week: 2.4 lbs
Overall Weight Loss: 2.8 lbs


That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this past week. Phew. I lost some weight. I am not doing this all for nothing!!!

One thing I tried to do this past week is eat bigger meals -- 4 or 5 points for breakfast or lunch rather than 2 or 3 points -- to try to curb my hunger in between. It hasn't worked exactly like I planned -- I am still eating snacks -- but I have learned more what to eat when (if that makes any sense) so that I don't become absolutely starving at any point during the day.

I still stand by my view that it is really, really hard to stick to 19 points!

Over the course of last week, I got the following hints that I thought I'd share:

1. Change weigh-in day to Thursday. That way I am not weighing in on the weekend when I am most lenient with my eating.

2. Drink fiber in the morning to fill up. I got some Benefiber drink packets at the grocery store today and tried this, and I will definitely say that it helped. And the raspberry tea flavor was pretty good.

3. Laughing Cow Light cheese is 1 point and is so good on things like 100 Calorie Pack Wheat Thins (which I cannot find in my grocery store). A good breakfast "recipe" is toast 1/2 Arnold Sandwich Rounds (so either the bottom or top half), spread a Laughing Cow Cheese wedge on top, and top with three scrambled egg whites.

Anyway, that's my input for this week! Now that I have had some success, I am getting more excited!

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