Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weight Watchers, Week 1

Weight Loss: 0.4 lbs

Well, I lost some weight this week. It is definitely not enough to get excited about; in fact, I am pretty darn depressed because this past week was really hard. I didn't do perfectly, I admit, but I ate a lot better last week than I did the previous week. I also realized that, before last week, I ate a little bit constantly throughout the day, and when those little bites weren't healthy or low fat, they definitely would add up.

I was hungry a lot this week, too. The so-called "filling" foods don't keep me full for long, but hopefully once I get used to eating better I will stay full longer.

Please tell me I'm not crazy?!?!

Anyway, that is the status for this week. Hopefully next week will have better news!


Erin said...

hey love! good job on your .4! it's better than none and much better than gaining that .4! i am on ww too, and my weigh in is tomorrow! this is my 3 or 4th time on it, and i love it! i've lost about 9lbs since dec 4th, and that went over the holidays! call me when you can and we'll swap info! xoxo

LSU Melanie said...

It gets much much easier...just stick to it...I had to take out my week 1 book to re-read it...and with all of the darn king cake around here, I dont think i'll have a loss this week...and i am praying not to have a gain:)
Who Dat!!!

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