Monday, January 18, 2010

Grumpy McGrumperson

Oh, boy, this afternoon was a doozy.

I was really hungry (dang this Weight Watchers diet!), and it made me grumpy. I was home with all of the chillens; we were supposed to be having a great day as I was playing hookie from work and they were all out of school, but by this afternoon I was totally irritable. And I have to admit that I took some of it out on the kids. Now, they weren't totally innocent bystanders -- they seemed to have trouble listening and following directions today -- but my fuse was especially short. I yelled. I fussed. I threatened.

And I hate it when I am like that.

Now that the chillens are in bed, and I can think about how ridiculous I was this afternoon, I am thankful that children are quick to forgive and forget. I am thankful that they are always willing to love.

And isn't that how God is? Quick to forgive and forget. Always willing to love. All we have to do is ask for the forgiveness; the love we get without question. And, boy, do we not deserve that! Because, like my kids, we are always having problems with listening and following directions. Or, at least, I know I do.

But He is quick to forgive and forget and always willing to love.

Tonight, I am most thankful for that.

(And a few prayers that I stay nice tomorrow wouldn't hurt either...)

***Also, as we are all praying for those in Haiti affected by the earthquake, please add one of The Farmer's workers to your prayer list. This is a guy who has helped lead the watermelon picking crew for years, and he is from Haiti. He was here in the States when the earthquake hit, but his wife was in Haiti and was killed. I know he could use the prayers as could all of those in Haiti.

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