Monday, January 4, 2010


I don't like to make New Year's Resolutions because I am horrible at sticking to them.

It basically boils down the the fact that I have no self-control.

But, anyway, there are some things that I would like to work on now that we have begun 2010:

1. I would love to get out of this house. I believe this was on my list of "goals" for last year, and it just didn't happen. The Farmer and I put the house on the market last March, but it was/is just a terrible time to have a house on the market. No one was even coming to look at it and we were having realtor issues, so we took it off the market. We are going to try our luck again soon, so hopefully we will do better this time.

The Farmer and I moved into this house in 2003 when it was just us and Miss Priss. At that time the house was brand new, and we had plenty of room. Fast forward almost seven years, and we have more family members and more stuff, and we just can't fit that well in these tight quarters anymore. I need space -- more living space, more storage space, more every kind of space!

2. I would love to do something with myself. I am not at all happy with the shape that my body is in these days. Something about turning 30 and having had three kids has really done a number on me. I have always been a pretty small person, but I am nowhere near as small as I would like to be these days, and let's not even talk about this muffin top! I would like to change that.

The problem is that I have never, ever been on a diet. It goes back to the no-self-control thing. I just can't seem to do it; I need something to hold me accountable. I do pretty well with fitting in time on the elliptical machine, but it just isn't giving me the results I want by itself.

3. I would like to spend more time with the Lord. I have really started trying to start a quiet time. My problem has always been fitting it in with my crazy schedule, but I know that it is something that I have to make a priority. So, at the end of 2009, I started getting up early, before I had to get the kids up for school, to read the Bible and spend time in the presence of God. I would like to be more consistent with that this year; it really makes a difference in my day, and it really makes a difference in my relationship with the Lord!

4. I would love to get more control over my spending habits. I like to shop. I mean, I really, really like to shop. And I do it too much. Because I want to get out of this house, I need to save money for the next one, so the shopping needs to come to a halt!

So there you have it: my resolutions for 2010. Hopefully I can be successful with them! As you can see, most of them boil down to me getting some self-control, so if you would, pray for me to get some!!

How are y'all doing on your New Year's Resolutions?


Susan Rice said...

These are good ones. I'm with you on #'s 2-4.

Margaret said...

Okay, first of all, you crazy to say that you aren't small. You are one of the smallest people I know! However, I'm all for changing my body this year and I think we need to come up with a walking schedule and stick to it. If I exercise I'm more likely to eat healthier, and if I have somebody to exercise with I'm more likely to exercise! Plus, we never run out of things to talk about so I think we'd make good walking partners.

As for #4, wait until after the Shrimp and Grits Kids and Chez Ami shows to curb your spending habits! :)


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Sweets! Email me at Let's get you set up with a Realtor that you adore and get you moved!


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