Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Game Plan

This morning while the chillens were eating breakfast, they started talking about birthdays. Bubba likes to tell everyone "It's my birfday!" in this really growly voice, but his birthday isn't actually until August -- he just thinks that every day is his birthday, especially since we sing "Happy Birthday, Bubba" every time we wash his hands. Miss Priss pointed out that her birthday was the next one coming up, and then she started talking about what she wants to do for her birthday party.

That is when Sassy came up with the best plan of all: "I know, Miss Priss, let's invite all of the Clemson football players to your birthday party!!! Especially that one named JC!"

I asked Sassy who the heck JC was, and she said "You know, JC Spiller!"

"Oh, you mean CJ Spiller!"

"Yes ma'am, CJ Spiller!!!" Then she proceeded to march around the room chanting "CJ Spiller....CJ Spiller!"

Later today when I picked up carpool, Miss Priss was telling her friend, W, about how all of the Clemson Tigers were going to be attending her party and that everyone in attendance was going to have to wear their Clemson jersey or cheerleading uniform.

Even later this evening when we were eating dinner, I told The Farmer about how the chillens want to invite all of the football players to Miss Priss' party. The kids got all excited again talking about the football players coming to the party in their "football outfits." I tried to let them know that there wasn't much chance of the football team coming to a seven-year-old's birthday party -- especially a seven-year-old who lives nowhere near Clemson.

"Oh, no," said The Farmer "if Miss Priss writes the letter inviting the players to her party, we will definitely send it to Dabo. I bet he will get a kick out of that. I especially think he'll like the part about the players wearing their "football outfits!'"

We talked and laughed some more about the Clemson football team - and the Tiger! - attending a little girl's birthday party. Finally Sassy said "You know, Mommy, we don't have to have all of the football players. Just as long as we have JC Spiller!"

So, Clemson players -- and especially you, CJ -- y'all have an invitation to a birthday party coming your way!

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Micah said...

now why in the world would you ruin a 7 year olds party with all that orange!!! hee,hee, hee!!! J/K, thats cute and something my T would come up with!

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