Friday, March 4, 2011

25 Things

I like to read in People when they do the 25 Things column with different stars. They can be total random, wacky facts or completely normal -- you just never know what you're going to get.

I have been noticing in my Google Analytics a lot more new readers, so I thought I would do my own 25 Things to sort of tell y'all more about me, wacky facts and all. If you already know everything about me, well, just deal! Here we go...

1. I am the oldest of three kids. I have a younger sister and a younger brother. Brad and I thought that it was such a good template for a family that we decided to just copy it! (Okay, it wasn't quite that just worked out that way!)

2. If you ask me a question, whether I know the answer or not, "your mom" tends to be my answer. For instance, if you asked me if I was ready to go, I would say "Your mom is ready to go." I even do this to my brother and sister, and it drives them crazy. They always give me some comment about how we have the same mom.

Juvenile? Yes.

3. I tried out for a part in Prince of Tides when I was around 10. It got down between me and this other girl for the part of one of the daughters, and I got to memorize lines and give them in front of a camera and everything (what is that called -- I know there's a name for it...). I didn't get the part, and I have never watched the movie.

4. I always wanted to be a doctor, and that was what I started out Clemson intending to be, but then I realized that I would actually have to study. And I met Brad and decided I didn't want to go through all that school -- I wanted to get married.

5. I really like when people leave comments on my blog (ahem. hint, hint).

6. I have been getting migraines since I was around 10. It has been a barrel of fun ever since. They are still not under the greatest control.

7. I have always been very shy, and when I first meet people, they tend to mistake my shyness for snobbishness. I think I am getting better about this, but it has taken me a very long time.

8. I used to think I was pretty intelligent, but now I think I'm just a moron with adult ADD.

9. If I have had a couple of drinks, I do a lot of cussing. I blame my language skills on working in our packing house.

10. The lady that played Bubba's mama in Forrest Gump sang at my wedding. She was awesome, and she also sang at my sister's wedding, my aunt's wedding, and my great-grandmother's funeral.

11. I have relatively large babies. Tyler was 9 pounds and Gibson was 9 pounds 3.2 ounces. Sanders was my shrimp at 8 pounds 2 ounces. I like having big, chunky babies.

12. My brother, sister, cousin, and I are the fifth generation to work on our farm.

13. Um, I burp a lot. And loud. I do, however, know when it isn't appropriate. My dad used to ask me "Do you do that in front of your in-laws??" but now he just tries to outdo me. He always loses.

14. After I decided I didn't want to be a doctor, I had no idea what I wanted to do. My aunt told my parents that I should major in Accounting since I was good with numbers (I had helped her out in the office at the farm some during my summer vacations), so I changed my major. And I got my first 4.0 that semester.

15. I am very sarcastic.

16. My favorite movie is White Christmas. Some other faves are Sweet Home Alabama, The Devil Wears Prada, and Bride Wars.

17. I love American history, especially if it involves the American Revolution or the Civil War.

18. I have had a mortgage, I have a construction loan, I pay bills, I have three children I'm raising, but I still don't consider myself a grown-up. I'm not sure when the day will come that I do consider myself a grown-up!

19. I am a full foot shorter than my baby brother. I come up to his armpit.

20. I don't watch much tv. It isn't because I'm against tv; I just don't have time at night to watch anything, and I haven't gotten hooked on anything enough to DVR it. I have always watched Grey's Anatomy up until this season, and I am recording it, but I have yet to catch up. I like to put on CMT or VH1 to watch videos while I'm getting ready on weekend mornings, and I watch Fox and Friends on weekday mornings. That is, I watch Fox and Friends until the kids stop getting ready and just stand and stare at the tv, then I have to turn it off -- I feel like I am so cut off from the world.

21. I have always thought if we had another boy (No, I am not pregnant. No, I am not planning on getting pregnant.), that Royal would be a great name for him. It is a family name like the rest of my kids' names. Brad does not agree with me.

22. I have a really hard time making decisions.

23. I don't like to call people I don't know. This includes the pizza man. However, if someone sends a statement to the farm telling me I'm late on a bill, I have no problem whatsoever calling to tell them they are wrong. The lady from the gas company cowers when she hears me on the other end of the line.

24. I love chocolate. I love mint. I think mint and chocolate together are the nastiest combination ever made.

25. I am not a great housekeeper, especially when I am hardly home and my house doesn't have any closet space. This place is always a mess, and it bothers me.

Okay. Now that I have read over my list, I realize that I am a weird chick. Well, actually, I already knew that -- but now y'all know that, too. Please keep reading! ;-)


Erin said...

our old colonel's name is royal p. mortenson. good, strong name! :) i feel the same about 18and 20. exactly. xo

Ashley and Greg said...

It's great knowing more things about you! A burper, eh? We'll have to arrange a special trip to have a contest! = ) Sweet Home of my faves, too! Keep up the awesome blogging! = )

Mandy said...

Great list. I feel the same way about #18. Oh and we only have big, chunky babies, too. :)

Micah said...

watching your wedding singer now....Forest Gump is on! Cool!

Micah said...

oh yeah and i am a HUGE sucker for #17!

Molly said...

You tried out for a part in the "Prince of Tides"? Very cool! The movie is great too, so you must watch it some time! Oh, and I'm saracastic too! Sarcastic people are typically the funniest (or so I like to think!)

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