Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Monday: I Love A Good Bandwagon

So, I am not doing so well keeping up with my menus. Sure, I am doing great at making them, but I am not doing great at actually making what is on them. So, I am going to jump on the bandwagon that Margaret recently jumped on and start posting my menus from the week prior. That way I don't feel like Oh gosh, I can't make that thing that I didn't make last week because it was on my Menu Monday and everyone will think that I am making the same thing two weeks in a row, but really I'm not because I didn't actually make it and now I have to think of something totally new and exciting to make that my kids will eat...

It's been stressing me out, man.

So, here's what we actually ate last week (hold onto your's really exciting!):

Monday: Panko Chicken Parmesan (I made this before I posted Menu Monday, so it stuck!)

Tuesday: grits and eggs

Wednesday: Lowcountry Produce Tomato Basil soup and Palmetto Cheese on Fritos (we were going to have Palmetto Cheese sandwiches, but all of our bread was moldy...nice). If you have never ordered online from Lowcountry Produce, do it. Now. Ditto for Palmetto Cheese.

Thursday: Chick-fil-a (we had to go back to our old town for an 8-year checkup for Ty, and we ran through the drive-thru on the way home after a 2-hour wait at the doctors' office where we did not get to see our pediatrician but rather the nurse practitioner...super nice.)

Friday: Crock-pot BBQ (what do you know, another Menu Monday item!)

Saturday: I was at the wedding, Brad was in Orlando at some convention thing.

Sunday: leftover Crock-pot BBQ

Last week was a bit of a dud on the cooking front because a) I was a bit scattered all week as I drove back and forth to our old town every single day, some for work and some for hair appointments/doctor visits and b) I never actually made it to the grocery store. Hopefully this week will be a bit better, and hopefully this new Menu Monday format will work out nicely.

Have a great week!

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