Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Monday

Hello! I hope y'all have had a lovely Monday. I don't think I have sat down all day aside from riding around in the car carting the kids around town today. My back is feeling it!

(I just sounded like such an old person, but really, my back is killing me.)

Anyway, here is our menu from last week:

Monday: Salads with rotisserie chicken on top -- quick and easy.

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, recipe courtesy of Mary Loyal

Thursday: Tacos made with Taco Chicken. I absolutely love that chicken. I think I could probably eat it once or twice a week. Seriously. I also love that it is quick and easy. I am all about quick and easy since I seem to be getting home later and later (and late more often) these days -- it is that time of year for us farm folk.

Friday: I was out of town, and Brad was Mr. Mom.

Saturday: Brad was Mr. Mom again.

Sunday: Sausage and Rice and broccoli. (Margaret describes how to make the Sausage and Rice -- or, as she calls it, Dirty Rice -- on her Monday, here. I am too lazy to type it out right now, so go on over there if you wanna know what it is!)

There you have it...nothing too terribly exciting. Brad has told me that he is "wasting away" and "always starving," so the challenge for this week will be to cook meals that will satisfy him but not make me gain 100 pounds. Should be interesting...

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