Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Window Shopping

I have been doing a little browsing on Piperlime tonight. Of course, I can't actually buy anything, but I love to look at things that I "need" for the spring and summer.

First, let's start with some wedges to wear with all of the jeans that I will be putting on my "need" list:
I will also be needing some white jeans. Last year I was on a search for some white skinny jeans, and I never found them. I gave up, thinking that my legs were just destined to look like big, fat pieces of sausage in white skinny jeans, but I have since lost some weight and want to take up the search again...this time I am going to go into the search knowing that it just might not work out. However, I think they would look really cute with a tunic top!

I also need a new pair of bootcut white jeans.

I have said before that I wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans, and I have never gotten them, so they are still on my "need" list.

I also like the wide-leg jean trend. All of my jeans are pretty much on the jegging side, so I will need a pair of these...

And there you have it...actually, I could go pretty berserk on Piperlime. I love that site! But these are just a few things that I love...and I will probably continue to love from afar.


Susan said...

Love them all! This weather puts me in the mood to do some shopping too!

LP17 said...

I am going to take a moment to say that I was with you on your quest for white skinny jeans last year and the word "sausage" never came to my mind on our entire journey. :)

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